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How to Install a Solar Micro Inverter?

Micro inverter technology proposes to integrate the inverter directly with a single photovoltaic module, and equip each photovoltaic module with an inverter module with DC to AC conversion function and maximum power point tracking function, and convert the electric energy generated by the photovoltaic module directly into AC electric energy for use by AC load or transmission to the grid. When one of the panels does not work well, only this one will be affected. All other photovoltaic panels will operate in optimal working conditions, making the system more efficient overall and generating more power.

Solar micro inverter port diagram

Micro inverter port diagram

300W-1400W solar micro inverters from inverter.com adopt IP67 waterproof streamline appearance design, which can effectively prevent rain erosion on the surface, and has built-in high-performance Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) function, which can better track the changes of solar photometry and control different output power, effectively capture and collect sunlight. Reverse AC power transmission technology is one of our patented technologies. The power output from micro inverters can be used preferentially to provide load. The endless power is transmitted to the power grid in the opposite direction. The power output from inverters can be used efficiently, and the power transmission rate can reach more than 99%. To show you what you can expect, we've outlined a simple six-step guide for a typical solar microinverter installation process.

Six-step to install a solar micro inverter

1. Fix the inverter on the support of the photovoltaic panel with the screw attached to the machine, as shown in the following figure:

First step installation of micro inverter

2. Connect the two DC terminal of the PV to the micro inverter, positive to positive, negative to negative. As shown below:

Second step installation of micro inverter

3. Open the waterproof cap on AC output side of the micro inverter, then plug to AC power line. As shown below:

Third step installation of micro inverter

4. Plug the AC output line to main AC cable.

5. Repeat the first step to the third step to complete the installation of micro inverters.

6. Finally, please connect the AC main cable to the utility grid to run renewable energy and saving money.

(Credit to inverter.com)




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